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The most important questions and answers that concern people who intend to perform a hair transplant in Turkey Istanbul .

Am I eligible for hair transplant?

Persons who are twenty years old and over, and  dont suffer from serious diseases. Such as the heart or pressure or Diabetes diseases in advanced nuances. They have thick hair in the donor area (behind the head), are eligible for the hair transplant surgery.

How long does the hair transplant take?

Duration of the process takes roughly between 3 to 8 hours, including short breaks, otherwise duration depends also on the number of follicles and the size of the area that you need to cultivate.

How can I choose the right hospital?

Primarily, rely on persons tips, who conducted their operations previously. And benefit from their experiences, be careful for phantom sites, and the humans who care only gain money, choose the hospitals have a good reputation.

To how many days I need to conduct it?

Every person who intends to make a hair transplant in Turkey need about 3 or 4 days in Istanbul . The process is done in the first day, the patient takes a rest day after the transplant directly, in the third day, often the patient have to review the hospital to lift the bandage from the donor area, and make the first washing hair by the medical team.

How is the number of follicles will Determinant?

The number of follicles determines by the medical team after sending a clear images of the area that you need to cultivate and the donor area (behind the head) and they are often 4,500 grafts.

When you have strong and dense donor area can give us a good number of grafts between 4,500 to 5,000.

Any numbers exceed 5000 grafts is suspicion and weak credibility and just Used to attract the patient, as sometimes patients do not have enough information about hair transplant.

What is the cost of hair transplant in Turkey?

The cost of hair transplant, ranging from $ 1,000 in simple cases to 2,000 in the very advanced cases of baldness.

Is there pain during the process?

Hair transplant process is done by local anesthetic. This mean that the person will feel the pangs of only some of the anesthetic needles , after which starts the effect of anesthetic the person will not feel any pain during or after operation.

New technology is available named Sedation or general anesthesia for people who are afraid a lot of local anesthetic.

What is the guarantee of hair transplant or bail?

There is nothing official named warranty or guarantee for hair transplant. The possible thing is giving the patient a statement carried out by the details about the process.

When the results of hair transplant will appear?

The results of hair transplant process beginning to appear in the third month, the density will inreas day after day, until the person gets the final resukts in the ninth month.


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