Propecia and Minoxidil

Propecia and Minoxidil

Propecia and Minoxidil and its benefits to solve hair loss problems

In the last period Propecia has been used as a treatment after a hair transplant by our specialized doctors for hair transplant operations, For a successful transplant and better results and to strengthen the rest of the hair loss treatment, which is affected due to the psychological state or genetic factors or malnourished.

Yes, there are many drugs and treatments that are prescribed to prevent hair loss, but Propecia and Minoxidil became universally agreed upon by many doctors.

The amazing results obtained by many of those who used Propecia and Minoxidil after hair transplants and of course all the treatment works in a different way from the other.

Propecia or”Finasteride”

The history of Propecia:

Propecia label is used for material that has been improved by the companies and pharmaceutical laboratories.

Initially Propecia used to treat enlarged prostate, then it recorded more than one case got her side effects which is hair growth.

Propecia an effective influence in hair growth.

After the US Medicines and food management approved using Propecia to address the imbalance of the prostate gland, It has been researching and working on improving this drug in order to give amazing results to stop and treat hereditary hair loss for males or for cases of baldness, It was approved in 1997 to treat Propecia, with a dose of 1 mg treatment of cases of hereditary baldness and hair loss for males.

Propecia is the first treatment in history has proven to be an effective medication to solve hair loss problems and the fight against genetic balding.

The function of Propecia ( Propecia and Minoxidil ):

Propecia stops the secretion of the enzyme to stop, so we stopped the main reason for hair loss (5-Alpha-reductase), which originates when the testosterone becomes high in the body, transforms the hormone androgenic stimulus or the so-called (DHT).

When it takes a dose of 1 mg of Propecia every day, it will be to reduce the level of DHT in the hair of the head by 60%.

This is the hormone that causes the loss of hair follicles, and cases of baldness.

When it is reduced by 60% it will be able to reduce hair loss for males, who underwent Propecia treatment and will stop balding by 86% in the DHT hormone.

Side effect of Propecia:

Likely to cause some simple rash, it is also likely to get swelling tongue, and if these symptoms showed then you should see your doctor immediately.

Other side effects which give rise to the men who are taking this medication, is the effects of sexual anxiety which appeared on some cases, for example:

  • The erectile dysfunction
  • A decrease in sexual desire
  • Low amount of ejaculate

Must be mentioned that most of Propecia users to treat hair loss or to limit stop hereditary baldness did not show any complications or symptoms, But is the ratio does not exceed 2% of reported cases who used this treatment.

But if you suffer from anxiety to use this treatment, you can consult your doctor to prescribe another treatment alternative to it.

Minoxidil or what is called Rogaine:

Minoxidil does not alike with Propecia, where we can describe Minoxidil for women and men as a drug for reducing hair loss, unlike the Propecia, as we mentioned earlier that women cannot use Propecia, this treatment only prescribed for men.

The Minoxidil can be used by men and women as a cure to stop hair loss, and reduction of genetic baldness, unlike Propecia because this treatment can never be used by women.

Minoxidil lotion, can men and women use it directly on the scalp.

The US Medicines and food management approved using it to cure hair loss and baldness

Previously this was medicine in the form of capsules was called to Lontin, and was given as a treatment for high blood pressure, then it was observed to be effective in hair growth.

We observed many cases where hair growth has been in the unusual areas, such as the cheeks and the back of the palm of the hand, and some cases have appeared in the forehead

This is what makes laboratory technicians and researchers try to use this treatment as a solution sprayed on the affected scalp areas, and then observed hair growth in the treated areas, and they vary from case to another, This depends on the existing balding area.

How Minoxidil works Propecia and Minoxidil ):

Minoxidil is based on increasing the growth phase of the hair. This is what makes the follicle large-diameter and thick and helps to increase the length of a healthy.

Clinical results do not appear before the three to five months, in some cases, appear slightly.

If found positive results must be adhered to in the use of Minoxidil every day orderly, so that the new hair will not be exposed to fall heavily.

At least it must take treatment for six months in order to get a good result.

Side effect for Minoxidil:

Often be mild and then we have to stop the treatment or see a doctor.

Some side effects show as follows:

  • The feeling of irritation or rash on the scalp after spraying the area with Minoxidil.
  • Cramps in the chest and increase or accelerate the heartbeat.
  • Feeling dizzy in the head, nausea.
  • Swelling in the feet and hands.
  • Shortness of breath.

In the case of these side effects occurred, the patient should immediately stop using Minoxidil, and contact the doctor immediately.

Most experts and researchers describe Minoxidil, in most clinical cases and evaluate most of the results as positive.

But that the effect of Minoxidil is not effectively fights the hormone that causes cases of hereditary baldness and hair loss, and can then stop the treatment of hair fall to come back again, which means that the positive results that will take them after the patient’s use of temporary treatment and go away when you stop Minoxidil doses.

When using Propecia and Minoxidil at the same time on a regular basis may notice a clear difference in solving hair loss problems.

Because Propecia Reduces DHT hormone gene, if you must be reminded that Propecia have a greater impact in solving problems and cure baldness.

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