Breast Augmentation In Turkey

Breast Augmentation In Turkey

Breast Augmentation In Turkey

  • Also known as (Augmentation) is a surgical procedure to increase breast size .
  • For some women , its a way to enhance self-image and self-confident.
  • For others, breast augmentation is part of breast reconstruction after surgery for breast cancer or other conditions affecting the breast.
  • Breast Augmentation in Turkey involves using breast implants .
  • There are three general types of breast implants , defined by their filler material : saline solution, silicone gel, and composite filler.
  • Saline-filled implants are silicone shells filled with sterile salt water (saline).
  • Silicone-filled implants are silicone shells filled with a plastic gel (silicone).
  • Most women say that silicone implants feel more like real breasts, and that is why they prefer it.

Why everyone want to do breast augmentationinTurkey

For the last ten years , Turkey has been the plastic surgery hub , famous for its experienced and internationally trained plastic surgeons , affordable prices and modern infrastructure.

More people are knocking on the doors of Turkish cosmetic surgeons both at home and abroad with a rising interest in cosmetic surgery. Turkey attracts hundreds of patients from Gulf countries each year, not only for hair transplant surgeries, but also in facial aesthetics. The recent statistics also show a rising trend both among women and men.

Our Hospital is one of the best available in Turkey , with the most sophisticated operating rooms , experienced and qualified staff in order to ensure pleasing results and a speedy recovery.

Breast augmentatioin in Turkey candidates

You may be a candidate for breast augmentation surgery if :

  1. -You are physically healthy.
  2. -Average age twenty five years-old.
  3. -Your breasts are fully grown.
  4. -One or both breasts failed to develop.

Before the breast augmentation in turkey

We advise you to :

  • Avoid smoking and consuming alcohol for two weeks prior to your surgery.
  • Stop taking certain vitamins such as vitamin E.
  • Stop using aspirin, ibuprofen, or anti-inflammatory medications.
  • Our surgeon will give you pre-operative guidelines to follow one week before the breast lift procedure, which include multiple heart and blood tests .

The Day of the Surgery

We will have your transportation arranged in advance . We recommend that you ask someone to stay with you for the first 24-48 hours following your surgery.

The Procedure

First,our anesthesiologist will administer general sedation , then our surgeon will carefully make an incision , which is usually placed in the fold beneath the breast.

Through that incision your surgeon will open a pocket either in front of the muscle or behind the muscle.

Having created that pocket and prevented any bleeding the surgeon will place implant as required or according to your surgical plan.

The First Few Days after the surgery :

Your breasts will be covered with gauze after the surgery. You may have drainage tubes, which will be removed in a few days. You may need to wear a surgical bra as you heal.

We recommend that you remain in the hospital for two-three nights following your surgery , in order to reduce movement, encourage rest and therefore prevent bleeding and swelling.

Do keep in mind that you will be tired, cranky, sore, possibly nauseous, and maybe slightly depressed. These things are perfectly normal, and they will pass.

You should continue to avoid hard  physical activity and to wear compression garments for about ten days.

Over-the-counter pain relievers such as acetaminophen may help relieve discomfort. Your doctor may also prescribe pain medication for you.

Before leaving our hospital, you will be given specific instructions that may include how to care for your breasts following surgery, medications to apply or take orally to aid healing and reduce the risk of infection, and when to follow-up with your plastic surgeon.

The months after Breast Augmentation In Turkey :

Your doctor will advise you about when you can return to your regular activity level. Typically, however, you can resume exercise about four weeks after your surgery.

Possible side effects :

Although it is a cosmetic procedure, the breast augmentation in Turkey can have risks, such as:

  • Breast Pain.
  • Delayed Wound Healing.
  • Hematoma.
  • Changes in sensation in the nipple and breast.
  • Scarring.

Breast augmentation cost in Turkey is very suitable for all people form Turkey and outside it comparing with the good results that the patients got after doing it.

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