Rhinoplasty In Turkey

Rhinoplasty In Turkey

Rhinoplasty In Turkey (Cosmetic surgery)

Also it’s called nasal cosmetic surgery, it is one of the most prevalent in our current operations. another name for this operation is ( rhinoplasty surgery ).

Turkey is a fundamental destination for many who intend to do such operations such as cosmetic surgery,hair transplant or one of the other cosmetic procedures such as:

Many people resort to a rhinoplasty or (reshaping nose shape ), The basic aim of which is to improve facial appearance or form, or to improve birth defects or the like.

sometimes people do rhinoplasty in Turkey to correct and to mend breathing problems.

Sometimes it is conducted two types of operations, such as a rhinoplasty operation and nasal septum deviation  .

This doubled operation with a dual goal is to mend the problems of breathing and to  get a better external nose ( a good appearance of the outer shape of the nose ).surely it cost nothing in comparison with other country.

Turk Esthetic in Turkey and nose surgery or rhinoplasty

Turk Esthetic is one of the most important and most prestigious hospitals in the field of hair transplants and cosmetic operations in general. not to mention being of a low costs.

Doctors characterized as well specialists in their fields and are characterized by a very high experience in addition to their capability.

Rhinoplasty operations are  performed in according to high experience, good skills and  positive results, and massive numbers of surgeries take place on a regular basis and using the latest cutting-edge technologies for the goal, which is:

  1. a surgery operation to the fullest and without downsides.
  2. helping the person to reach his goal to get to the desired shape of the nose and get rid of the negative psychological impact to the old nose.

Turk Esthetic continues ongoing it’s tenders in various fields of operations such as:

  • natural hair transplant.
  • facelift nose and ear
  • Liposuction .
  • Many and many other cosmetic fields

What distinguishes Turk Esthetic is sufficient experience and necessary accuracy for the success of any cosmetic procedure work.

Whether in Turkey or other country  it is very necessary that the team has a lot of experience along with academic degrees.

It is very necessary to operation  the necessary expertise by doctors and the medical team and the hospital must contain the latest technologies needed for any procedure.

Must also be a person who intends to perform a cosmetic surgery, whether in Turkey or outside of Turkey to take in all the details related to that operation.

the person who’s going to do  rhinoplasty should know all the details related to that operation, side effects and cost in addition to the hospital and doctors numismatic experience.

Persons eligible for a rhinoplasty in Turkey

We’ll tell you whom people can do a  rhinoplasty in turkey:

  1. Each person exceeded nineteen years old and suffers from an unacceptable form of nose, or persons who are dissatisfied with the appearance of their nose, and they msut be safe of any other diseases such as diabetes, Hemophilia, heart disease or clotting pressure.
  2. a  person who intends to do cosmetic should be  aware of the logical consequences that will get and not to the person hopes for the outcome of unrealistic or fanciful action.
  3. Those have not interim illnesses and be good physical health.-
  4. The medical guide and the medical team will provide you with the required and necessary information, which you should do before and after you came to make a rhinoplasty or other cosmetic in Turkey.

Steps of rhinoplasty –  plastic surgery of the nose:

The thirty days before rhinoplasty:

  • person should alleviate smoking as much as possible and refrain from fluidized hematopoietic drugs such as aspirin before nose rhinoplasty operation in particular, and any surgery in general.

Seven days before rhinoplasty:

  • We will communicate with you by your doctor and the medical team to make some observations and necessary advices to be followed before the rhinoplasty in Turkey.

The day before the rhinoplasty in Turkey:

  • You must comply with the instructions given by doctors and wear comfortable clothing, and not eating or drinking anything from 12 o’clock at night.
  • On the day of the operation
  • You should not use any products or cosmetics on the face once and it’s better  to bath before coming to the hospital.
  • We will communicate with you to come to the hospital on time and not to delay schedule.

After rhinoplasty we prefer that there be someone to assist you in essential, especially in the first two days,.

to pay attention in the case of side effects or anything else, and to assist you in life matters such as food and drink, and to give you pain reliever pills if necessary.

Stages of rhinoplasty in Turkey:

Cracks are been made in hidden places of nose to be able to see the bones and cartilage and places that must be modified or work on them.

Then begins the work as required by the operation, depending on the status and shape of the nose.

The operation is performed either to remove or repel a bone or cartilage, either by adding a certain part or tissue.

And it is all done depending on the shape of the nose and desired outcomes of rhinoplasty.

After appropriating the desired adjustments of the operation  and after carving the cartilage or bone properly, the doctor start to re-skin to cover the new cartilage and bone that will form the new nose shape.

After the completion of rhinoplasty, or (nose cosmetic surgery) is placed external and internal splint with other charges for a period from 5 to 7 days on average to maintain the new shape of the nose form.

Rhinoplasty operations in Turkey do not need a hospital to the patient’s stay in hospital. Unless patient request it himself he can come on the second day back to the hotel to take a break in the day following rhinoplasty.

The person can be made with general anesthesia and topical both, depending on the person’s status, health status, and according to his personal opinion if preferred local anesthesia or general one.

After rhinoplasty in Turkey

The first day after the operation

  • After the completion of rhinoplasty in Turkey, a small splint is placed inside the nose for 5 to 7 days to support the new nose shape and maintain it.

You may see little swellings around the nose area on the first day, so do not be worry cuz this tumors will disappear within a few days.

After six days of rhinoplasty operation in Turkey:

  • The splint is removed from the inside of the nose by a doctor, then most of the people are back to their normal life.

After 30 days of rhinoplasty in Turkey

  • lack of exposure to the cold (common cold), Influenzaor rheum during the period after the operation, to avoid the runny nose (coryza) as much as possible.
  • Avoid blowing the nose and  put pressure on the nose
  • Do not wear sunglasses during the first period after the operation.
  • It’s bettr to refrain from smoking
  • Do not eat aspirin, medicines fluidized blood over a period of 20 to 30 days after  rhinoplasty in Turkey.

Rhinoplasty in Turkey (plastic surgery):

After a period of about five to six months nose takes its final form, and swellings were caused will go away.

Side effects of rhinoplasty in Turkey:

Sometimes some of these things may be occurred after rhinoplasty:

  1. bleeding.
  2. wound or hole in the septum of the nose.
  3. skin problems ( dermatitis ) or skin allergy accompany the  operation.
  4. dermatitis accompaniment.
  5. rhinostegnosis or rhinoclisis nasal airway obstruction.
  6. temporary swellings due to anesthesia.

Questions about rhinoplasty in Turkey:

Is rhinoplasty painful?

Rhinoplasty is very simple, it can be performed with general anesthesia or local anesthesia and pain resulting from this operation is very simple pain.

Is it painful to remove  the splint?

In some cases , a very simple pain may be occurred during removal of the splint.

Is you breathing will be normal after rhinoplasty?

Most of the patients acknowledged the best improvement of breath after a rhinoplasty.

Does rhinoplasty cost a lot in Turkey?

costs are very acceptable in Turkey, it depends on:

  • Duration of stay.
  • Duration of the surgery.
  • Accommodation costs.

When can I see the results of rhinoplasty in Turkey?

After 15 days changes will become clear in shape. There will be some minor bulges and a simple change in the texture of the skin which takes from ( 6 to almost 10 months ) to disappear entirely.

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