hair transplant for diabetics

Hair transplant for diabetics

Hair transplant for diabetics

Hair transplant for diabetics , despite the worldwide popularity of hair transplant and advanced techniques used in this area, some people with diabetes are still afraid of this process. So today we present to you this article about the possibility of people with diabetes to undergo the hair transplant procedure. As we hope it will be adequate to answer the questions those with diabetes who wish to undergo the procedure.

The first question for people with diabetes is whether they can undergo the surgery. To answer this question, today we assure everyone that it is safe for patients with diabetes to undergo this surgical procedure. There are measures to be taken by a diabetic patient before undergoing the hair transplant. These measures differ from  patient to patient.  Before discussing these measures we must first identify the category of diabetes a patient may have. Once the diabetic history of the individual is known we can carry out hair transplantation without worry.

Patients who do not use insulin

People who have blood sugar levels within acceptable limits or those who control blood sugar level by regulating food and following a certain diet can receive hair transplantation.

People who need to take oral medications or pills to maintain their blood sugar levels within reasonable limits may also receive hair transplantation.

Patients who rely on insulin

Patients who use insulin with regular medications to maintain blood sugar within normal rates. And patients whose blood sugar is not within the normal limits after the use of both insulin and regular drugs. They can not perform hair transplantation at all and should be alerted to the seriousness of the subject.

Here we have learned about the degrees of diabetes and diabetic types differences, we have to tell you what to do, less hair transplantation process, which is different from the procedures for non-diabetic patients.

The patient should be diabetic, special hormonal analyses determined by the doctor specialising in hair transplant, and these tests are very important and must be observed during the process of hair transplant, and should be the blood sugar during and before the operation and beyond within reasonable limits, whether the technology FUT According to the method of extraction FUE where the sugar should be regular in the day before planting to 20 days after planting.

Stages of the process of hair transplant for patients with diabetes

The hair transplant for diabetics patients tired because of anxiety and fear of the process and anaesthesia topical should take some caution and make the necessary measures and take the process of agriculture for patients with diabetes the same duration of a natural person, is worth mentioning that the process of hair transplant patients specifically sugar causes an increase in the secretion of hormones that cause in increasing the proportion of sugar in the blood and at the same time causes a decrease in insulin secretion, and thus increasing the body to request material insulin during the operation, so preferably sugar control during the process continuously, to conduct the necessary intervention in the event of any sudden increase Or a decline in the proportion of natural normal, as the patient prefers to bring his medication with him to use it when needed.

Side effects of hair transplant for patients with diabetes

These effects occur in the case of hair transplant in a way FUT (strip), More than a hair transplant in a way FUE (unit extraction) due to the time required for the operation to be less, and should the medical team to have a high degree of expertise in order to avoid side effects that may as far as possible occur, and be ready to deal with it and make necessary arrangement and accurately complete, and more symptoms of diabetes patients is the lack of sugar in the blood, increased blood sugar, occurrence of swelling in the forehead and around the eye as in this case, there is no need to worry never because this swellings gradually disappear within six days after a practical Agriculture may occur in some cases, loss of hair grown for a period of temporary and in some very rare cases, negative effects in the cultivated area may occur and cause a lack of transplanted hair a large degree of intensity.

Cons of conducting a hair transplant for diabetics

The negatives, as mentioned above, are the lack or increase of blood sugar in the body due to fear and anxiety in the patient of this process, and sometimes bleeding, but to worry, and we guarantee the patient who follows the steps we mentioned earlier excellent result.

Advantages of hair transplant for diabetics

Obtain a decent appearance for a person suffering from hair fall or baldness, and ensure that hair loss is not implanted for 99% of patients who have undergone hair transplantation.

Steps to care and maintain hair after hair transplant for diabetics


The steps taken to care for the hair grown in patients with diabetes are very similar to the steps taken by the non diabetic patient, but with some additional instructions for patients with diabetes to get good results and satisfactory and stay away as far as possible from the negative results or setbacks. The condition Keep blood sugar within the normal rates as far as possible, keep away from things that cause increased blood sugar, such as anxiety and stress, as well as rest for a period of time ranging from 7 days to 25 days.


The person who has done the hair transplant treatment must follow the instructions of the doctor and the medical team carefully to ensure the success of the process well and the diabetic should be aware that he is responsible for any adverse effects that may occur after or during the transplant, and the patient should communicate periodically with the hospital and send The images that explain the evolution of the stages of agriculture for at least six months and communicate once a month until the final results


We will remind you of the most important instructions to follow after the hair transplant for diabetics not to wash the head on your own after the operation directly, but must wait for two days after the agriculture, where the first washing by the hospital and the medical team to be explained the method of private washing that will follow in the period after agriculture , And non-drying hair using hair dryers that may burn or cause damage to newly planted seedlings.


Do not dye the hair immediately after planting, but wait for 6 months for the cultivated area and wait one month for the other areas, because it may cause chemicals to the area planted or hair follicle, comb hair in a nice way and not use the hair dryer, hair shave or use of gel or razor For at least 6 months, it is preferable to shave using scissors instead of shaving machines that may hurt the donor area, dilution as much

You can smoke one week after hair transplantation though it is preferable that you stop it completely, wear something to protect the new bulbs planted during sun exposure and refrain from exercising for a full month and in the first seven days after planting you should not bend forward for long periods of time and sleep exclusively on the back with A slight curvature of the head towards the rear.

After hair transplant for diabetics

After the instructions are well followed by the patient begins to grow hair on the 12th day after the cultivation and continue their hair growth and fall until the second month, starting this time to grow again and without falling, where shows 30 percent of hair in the month of the third and sixty percent per month A person will get the final result in the 10th month and you can read more articles about hair transplantation in Turkey and safely return home.

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