bht hair transplant

BHT Hair transplant Technique

Hair transplant procedure of body hair using BHT technique

BHT hair transplant is a unique method uses alternative donor area of the scalp hair bulbs , whereas in standard FUE hair transplant the grafts are extracted from the back of the head for the purpose of hair restoration surgery, but in some cases patients do not have enough hair in the donor area behind the head to cover the baldness in the form and density desired.

In these cases we can pick out the follicles from the body hair using BHT technique, as the hair follicles are very similar to the head hair in the structure and quality.

Donor areas in BHT hair transplant technique

At Turk Estetic we can pick out the hair follicles from the leg, arm, shoulders, abdomen, chest, back, armpit or even facial hair areas (beard).

In certain patients, the hair found on the body may be the source of more than 2,000 additional bulbs for the donor area behind the head, especially when the patient has thick unwanted hair.

Our doctors perform body hair transplant to increase the density of hair implanted in general or cover the crown area of ​​the the head, otherwise it can be considered the only donor area in patients with weak hair density in the region behind the head.

How to grow hair using BHT hair transplant technique

The follicles are extracted from the body hair using a device called micro motor, which is based on picking the follicles individually. Usually leaving no traces or scars in the donor area.

The hair follicles are then re-transplanted into the areas needing intensification the same way that the bulbs that are extracted from behind the head are implanted.


Video showing how to perform hair restoration using BHT hair transplant

Important information about BHT hair transplant

People who are suitable for hair transplantation using BHT technique

  1. Persons with insufficient hair density in the donor region from behind the head.
  2. No longer have normal hair growth.
  3. Weakness of hair density behind the head is usually related to a high level of hair loss, or because of repeated hair transplants, making it impossible to pick any bulbs from that area again.
  4. The results of hair transplant operation in which follicles are extracted from a weak donor area are often unsatisfactory. Baldness can be treated for a specific area only without covering the entire baldness. In addition, there is a high risk of clear voids in the donor area behind the head.

Applicability of performing BHT hair transplant

  • Hair density in must be more than 30 bulbs in cm 2.
  • The shape and quality of the hair is similar to the head hair.
  • Number of bulbs containing more than 2.3 hair roots not less than 25% of the total number of bulbs.
  • Area of ​​the donor area no less than 150 cm 2.
  • Body hair length no less than 2 cm.

The difference between FUE and BHT hair transplant techniques

  • When planting 60 bulbs of body hair every 1 cm 2 grows about 70 hair.
  • When planting 60 bulbs of head hair at 1 cm 2 grows about 110 hair.

BHT hair transplant in Turkey success factors

  1. Carefully pick the bulbs.
  2. Keeping and caring for the hair grafts.
  3. Minimise the error rate.
  4. Precise implantation, taking into account the growth direction of follicles and the appropriate depth of implantation.
  5. Determine the front hairline normally.
  6. Take a careful approach and the most appropriate way, causing the least possible damage to the bulbs.

BHT hair transplant cost in Turkey

The cost of hair transplant surgery using BHT technique in Turkey is slightly higher than that of FUE transplant technique, where the cost is determined on a case-by-case basis ranging from $ 1,500 to $ 1,900.

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