dental crowns

Teeth and dental crowns

Crowns is a kind of cosmetic treatment for the teeth used to cover the old teeth and to beautify the form of the teeth or to cover of new implanted metal.
It is generally made of several materials, sometimes made of a mix of multiple materials mixed in certain ways.
Crowns are used typically to improve the appearance and strength of the tooth.
Enjoy a long life dental crowns compared to other cosmetic dentistry techniques, making it a good alternative and economically more beneficial than anything else.
Teeth crown is generally designed to reflect light and look like natural teeth.
Dental crowns are permanently fastened inside the mouth, many people have crown inside their mouths for decades.

Dental crowns types in Turkey

Molten metal crown with ceramic (porcelain crown) 

This consists of a mixture of silver crowns inside clad with porcelain from abroad to give a natural tooth look.
These types of porcelain are usually placed on premolar or molar teeth.

Crowns made of zirconium (zirconia crown)

Consisting of white metallic material in the Center (nucleus) covered with molten ceramic material from abroad to give the natural shape of the teeth.
The benefit of this is that in the world in General and particularly in Turkey, is that the white color as its so brilliant that it keeps its color all the time so it’s best used on frontal teeth (central and lateral incisors) because of their importance in terms of form and color in order to get a shine smile.
Zirconium crown, gives a more attractive and wonderful color and distinct smile so it’s best used in the front for first class results.

Reasons for using dental crowns 

 There are many reasons why a dental crown treatment fit, and is supported widely by dentists:
  1. Repair and strengthen damaged teeth.
  2. Improve the appearance of teeth (including color, shape and even and align in a consistent way).
  3. While there are some other alternative dental treatment, any other type of dental restoration techniques cannot provide the same characteristics and advantages offered by dental crown .

Dental crowns treatment steps

  • In the first visit to the dental clinic, dental preview is done to determine the level of the damage and the teeth to be treated then the dentist will portray the outer surface of the teeth from all sides .
  • The dentist places a medical materials in the form of a paste to form a replica of the shape of the jaw and teeth
  • Dentist sends the template to the dental laboratory to design crowns needed by the patient.
  • The doctor puts a temporary crown material to ensure the safety of dental treatment
  • After a few days you’ll be ready to mount the crown in place after preparing the treated teeth, and then install dental crowns in place.
  • A few days after installing the crown you will consult the dentist to conduct a final inspection. To be sure the teeth have been dressed properly.
 We are confident that in more than 98% of cases you do not need any change after first session.

Dental crowns pain in Turkey

 The patient does not feel any pain during the treatment as the dentist will use a local anesthesia to numb the area to be worked on.

Dental crowns care after treatment

The Crown itself cannot decompose or rot, but it may decay on the surface of the Crown where it meets with the other teeth. So it is important to maintain this area is always clean by regular brushing 3 times daily.
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