dental bridge

Dental Bridge

Losing a tooth affect the way you speak, decrease your ability to chew , and cause an unattractive smile , even the gap that formed by missing a tooth causes trapping food debris and further decay.
The dentists recommend a dental bridge to fill the gap, and improve appearance function, and prevent further damage.

The types of dental bridges ?

There are three sorts of dental bridge available in turkey: fixed, resin bonded, and cantilever.
The dentist will select one of these types after considering the quality of the teeth next to the lost tooth, as well as the gap place .

How is it fitted?

It requires two visits at least to get a dental bridge installed and modified correctly.
At the first visit the dentist will prepare the teeth like making space for new crowns or a fixed bridge. Then the dentist will take a mould of your jaw which will used to construct the bridge in the laboratory .
At the next visit, your bridge will be ready to be fitted and adjusted properly and permanently.

The cost of a dental bridge ?

Because of many visits, expert manufacturing, expensive materials, and skilled specialists, you will surprise that dental bridges can be costly.
Dental bridges costs in Turkey are priced according to the number of visits involved and materials used.

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