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Dental bridge in Turkey

Dental bridge is the procedure to cover and compensate the gap or emptiness that originates from one or more missing teeth.
They consists of two or more interconnected teeth crowns extending on either side of the gap ( dentists calls the teeth on booth sides of the missing tooth the supporting teeth and the teeth between it the false teeth).
Teeth can be constituting the bridge made of gold or metal sheets or porcelain mixtures, or combinations of these materials.
Dental bridges could be supported by natural teeth or dental implants , a dental bridge is one of the most important operations in the field of Prosthodontics and cosmetic dentistry in the world in General and particularly Turkey .

Reasons to use fixed dental bridge ?

Resorting to correct a dental defects such as (calcium deficiency or decay) or fill a vacuum arises as a result of the extracted tooth. That tooth loss affect primarily on the appearance and shape of the face, as it also affects on the patients smile and cause many problems affecting the way to speak and chew food.

And accelerate the occurrence of problems for adjacent teeth because of the gap due to one tooth loss or more. Dentists recommend dental bridge ppt to fill the void, improve the overall appearance , improve vital functions, and prevent further damage.

Benefits of dental bridge

There are many uses and advantages of dental bridge it enables you to :

  1. Restore your smile characteristics
  2. Restore the ability to chew food in a healthy and correct manner.
  3. Speak properly and clear
  4. Ensure your face shape is natural between both the cheek and mouth
  5. Jaw force distribution when nibbling correctly by replacing missing teeth
  6. Prevent remaining teeth dislocation and weaknesses

The best types of dental bridges

There are three types of dental bridges available in Turkey:

  • Fixed a casserole.
  • With a metal casserole.
  • Full metal.

The dentist will choose one of these types after looking at the quality of adjacent teeth missing teeth, as well as the form and gap.

How to install a dental bridge?

The bridges are installed according to the following steps:

  • Installation requires a dental bridge at least two visits to the dentist in order to get the desired result, adjust and install the bridge correctly.
  • First visit will be to work on and prepare the adjacent teeth to be formed and carved in a way that allows for the installation of the bridge or the new crowns to fit on it firmly.
  • Then the dentist will take an impression or template for the shape and size of the missing teeth to design the bridge in a dental laboratory depending on your need.
  • The doctor will put a temporary bridge to protect teeth and gums in the treated area
  • In the next visit the bridges will be ready so that the dentist can remove the temporary bridge installation, install a fixed dental bridge into place permanently.

How long does a dental bridge lasts?

Dental bridges can last from 5 to 15 years and even more, with good oral hygiene and periodic visits to the dentist. It’s normal that it lasts more than 10 years for dental bridges.

The cost of a dental bridge in Turkey

The cost and price of a dental bridge, depends on the type of chosen bridge and the country in which the surgery is performed. In some cases health insurance companies can cover a certain percentage of the cost of a dental bridges .

Because of the many visits and expensive prices of raw materials used, you may be surprised at the fees of dental bridges.

However the cost in Turkey is one of the most favorable prices for patients, whether a resident or a tourist in Turkey which is why Turkey is a desired destination for medical tourism for many people from all over the world.

Where the cost depends on the quality of the materials used and the number of teeth and the number of sessions needed.

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