dental implants

Dental implants

Dental implants in Turkey provide a second chance to people who have lost their teeth.

With teeth implants, you can regain your teeth, and in a short period of time have brand new teeth, it would be like you never lost your teeth.

The success rate of dental implants in Turkey

Tooth implant have been adopted since the year 1950 and used to present day. This process has developed with many witnesses.

Our clinic has the success rate of 95% thanks to technological advances in the methods used raw materials.

Persons eligible for dental implants

Usually all people above the age of 20 years and who have lost their ability to regrow their teeth.

There are sometimes some cases inappropriate for transplants such as:

  1. Excessive smoking.
  2. A chronic disease such as heart or pressure or diabetes.
  3. Drug addicts.

Your case will be diagnosed by our oral surgeon after sending us the photos and some important information.

The time needed for dental implants in Turkey

Duration of the recovery period usually depends on the type of implant surgery, it may require a few weeks sometimes extended to four months, to coherence the screw BM with the jawbone and prove robust. So it might take longer if there is a need of bone grafting in the jaw.

Before dental implant in Turkey

  1. First of all, you’ll be informed about the plan and the treatment, how many teeth that need to be cultivated, and what to use (types of raw materials).
  2.  It is recommended to ask about the doctor’s level of education and experience certificates and scientific disciplines.
  3.  You should also inquire about the teeth implants cost in Turkey included the full package of  services .
  4.  We also recommend you search for as many alternatives as possible as there may be considerable differences in dental implants prices .
  5. Also don’t settle on the first clinic, ensure you are 100% satisfied.
  6. Don’t go to any dental clinic before you get enough information about it, and ensure the credibility the place addressed to him , before you invest yourself, time, and money on the surgery.

Instructions to be followed after dental implants

  •  At the end of tooth implant process the dentist will give you some antibiotics and pain killers to use after the procedure.
  • On the first day for smokers you must stop smoking completely, as you should not make any physical exertion and stay away from driving and gargle.
  • You can eat only soft foods like soups and well cooked foods, also have to take care of your teeth and oral health care and regular cleaning is required.
  • We recommend that you use post implant surgery care and sterilization solutions.

FAQ s about dental implants in Turkey

How/where can i read the experiences of previous dental implants?

You can at any time contact us for pictures before and after dental implants and get details of some of the experiences of previous dental implant clients.

Are dental implants painful?

Dental implants in Turkey is a simple procedure, where most of the patients confirmed that less painful than uprooted surgery. The dentist greatly reduces associated tooth implant pain, through local anesthesia. In some cases it can be very complex and advanced general anesthesia may be used for surgery.

Will it be noticeable after tooth implant process?

Your dentist will hide internal implants while decorating them, no it won’t affect your daily or social life, nor be noticeable while moving the lips and tongue.

Should we be subjected to cultivate every tooth lost?

No, the dentist will support tooth deficiency with instilling a certain number of dental implants and depending on the patient’s jaw bone portability.

For example, a teeth-free jaw and in good health, 5 or 6 adequate plantations will be sufficient , and 2 teeth implants are needed to bridge three teeth lost.

What is the dental implants cost in Turkey?

  • Visitors from various countries of the world see the tooth implant prices in Turkey as reasonable and somewhat acceptable when compared with the dental implants cost in India ,Europe , America or even in Arabic countries.
  • In normal circumstances, you do not have to pay additional costs.
  • In the long term you’ll find it is a big benefit compared to other competitors in regards to dental implants prices and services .
  • This is the best solution to restore your teeth because the installation of teeth bridges (the traditional way) has the patient to minimize the neighboring teeth of the missing one, until it becomes possible to install bridge.
  • Implanting only 2 teeth is enough to install a full bridge firmly and solidly in front of tongue movements.


You can contact us at any time to follow up by the medical staff at Turk Estetic after completion of the process and leave Turkey

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