dhi hair transplant

DHI hair transplant surgery in Turkey

DHI hair transplant is a three-word acronym  for Direct Hair implantation.

Direct hair transplant (DHI) is also called hair transplantation with a pen relative to a CHOI pen.

It is a modern technology tool used to restore hair or increase hair density in a specific area of ​​the head by transferring hair follicles from the donor area and re-implanting them in the scalp, eyebrows or beard.

The hair restoration professional will also perform a preliminary examination and consultation. There are a few things to be followed before and after the hair transplant surgery.

The hair specialist will discuss DHI hair transplant results that will be expected with you and explain the hair growth stages after procedure.

The DHI hair transplant is performed under the influence of local anaesthesia where you can talk to your hair transplant team at all steps of the transplant process.

When hair transplant surgery is done using DHI technique, a special tool is used called CHOI Pen / Hair implanting pen.

The specialists use CHOI pen to implant the follicles directly into the scalp in areas of baldness or thinning hair.

There is no need to open holes or channels and cracks in advance in the area to be cultivated, which reduces bleeding and provides better nutrition and growth for the cultivated bulbs.

Features and characteristics of DHI hair transplant operation

DHI hair transplant has several positive aspects, including:

  1. Possibility of planting hair roots at high density.
  2. hair transplant without shaving especially for women.
  3. No need to open pores as in the FUE or other similar hair transplant techniques.
  4. There is no surgery or cut to the skin and do not leave scars or effects of polarization as in the FUT technique.
  5. positive and encouraging results.
  6. The time required for recovery is less.
  7. gives a very natural look.

Next video shows hair transplant surgery using the DHI technique in Turkey and other countries, is the latest technology for hair transplant surgery.

Guidelines Before DHI hair transplant technique

  • Before starting, the person must have sufficient knowledge of the steps, results and side effects.
  • Wash hair well.
  • Do not use hair styling products and materials.
  • Tell us about any medicines used.
  • Inform us about any diseases such as heart disease, stress or diabetes.
  • Do not have a skin disease such as eczema or psoriasis.
  • Wear comfortable clothes on the day of the operation and not tight neck

The main stages of DHI hair transplant

Preparation before starting the process

The patient shall be given a gown for the operating rooms to wear.

  • Shave only the donor area or full hair machine.
  • Sterilisation and anaesthesia of the donor area by local anaesthesia and takes about 5 minutes.

The stage of harvesting the bulbs

  • Hair transplant specialists use a special device to release the hair follicle root called micro motor.
  • These follicles are collected after harvesting, counting and sorting according to the number of hair roots in each bulb.
  • The extracted seeds are placed in a special medical solution for conservation and feeding.

The stage of identifying areas that need to be cultivated

  • The area where the hair bulbs will be grown is drawn and determined.
  • Reshape and draw the front hair line when needed and select the front in a way that fits the facial features.
  • Determination of the distribution of the density of cultivated grafts according to the level of the baldness and its shape.
  • Display the shape of the line on the person and explain the plan to implant the hair bulbs.

DHI implanting Stage

  • After the patient has been approved in the form of the line and distributed the bulbs, the area is anaesthetised locally according to the line drawn.
  • CHOI pens and hair bulbs are prepared to begin the transplant process.
  • Each bulb is suspended by the tip of the needle carried by the CHOI hair pen and implanted directly under the scalp.
  • When planting the bulb, the direction of hair growth is determined by the angle in which the work is done.

After finishing DHI hair transplant surgey

  1. Apply an anti-inflammatory ointment to the donor area from behind the head.
  2. Place a gauze bandage to cover the donor area.
  3. Give the patient instructions and guidelines to be followed in the days following DHI hair transplant in Turkey.
  4. To come for review the second day after operation to make the first hair wash and remove the bandage from the donor area.
  5. Stay in contact with the medical follow-up team and send pictures periodically to monitor the growth stages of hair implanted

DHI hair transplant side effects

What concerns most of those who plan to do DHI hair transplant in Turkey is how their appearance will look after the operation? Are there side effects?

The side effects associated with DHI hair transplantation are generally very simple:

  1. Light redness in the donor area.
  2. Small scars in the cultivated area.
  3. There is seldom a swelling in the forehead and around the eyes disappear within 3 or 4 days.

All of DHI side effects are temporary and disappear in just a few days.

DHI hair transplant cost in Turkey

The cost of regular hair transplantation in Turkey ranges from $ 1,300 to $ 1,800, while DHI hair transplantation surgery prices start from $ 2000 to $ 3,000 due to the use of single-use CHOI pens


Both of FUE and DHI hair transplant are safe and intelligent techniques of hair restoration used in Turkey.

Each case of baldness , hair loss or hair thinning has a different situation and need specific treatment or procedure in order to get the desired results and hair density . For that we provide both FUE and DHI in Turk Estetic Clinic.

The hair specialist will advice to use the most suitable hair transplant technique for your case and your needs so you can get the hair you dream about.

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