Fat Injections

Fat Injections

The terms (Fat Transfer, Fat Injections, Autologous Fat Transfer, and Fat Grafting) all refer to the medical process of transferring fat from an unwanted areas of your body and re-injecting clarified lipid tissues into another areas of your body. The point of any fat transfer procedure is to add fullness and youth to the spot which receives the fat grafts, or make some lifting to the face.

What areas of the body benfits for fat injection?

fat injections could procedure in various parts of body, and we will explain it with two main sections:
face fat transfer
Adding soft tissue volume of clarified fat will decrease the aging signs on your skin, make the face look younger, and also used to
-fill in bags under the eyes or dark circles.
-fill out the cheeks and chin areas.
-fine lines and wrinkles.
-tired look.
other parts fat transfer
Fat transfers can be used for those purposes too:
-brazilian butt lift to augmenting the size of the buttocks and make it perkier
-hand restoration to give hands a fuller and younger contour
-hip enhancement to widen the hips
-breast reconstruction to restore breasts shape after lumpectomy

How is a fat transfer procedure done?

Fat grafting can be done under local or sedation anesthesia, and explained as a three-stage of non surgical operation:
1 -harvesting
Our surgeon will select a site which give the fat grafts ( donor site ), and then insert a cannula connected to a syringe to carefully extract fats (liposuction).
2 -purgation and transfer
Once enough fat is obtained our sergeon will processe it in a special centrifuge to take off the impurities
3 -placement
the grafts will then carefully reinjected with specially designed needles into the areas that designated to receive fats.augmentation

Fat injections cost?

The price of the procedure depends on the patient’s anatomy and the donor sites or areas to be liposuctioned

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