FUE hair transplant

FUE hair transplant is one of the most used methods in the field

FUE hair transplant technique means briefly extracting the bulb unit from a high density area we call (the donor area) and cultivate it in a low density area or in areas suffering from baldness (the receipt area).

Hair transplant using FUE technique is the abbreviation of (Follicular Unit Extraction), meaning the transfer of follicular unit or graft transport of hair bulbs.

What are FUE hair transplant features in Turkey?

  • Hair is implanted using the FUE technique by extracting hair follicles from the donor area and implanting them in the front of the head or area where hair is needed.
  • Hair follicles have practically 1 to 4 hair roots and are scientifically estimated that each bulb contains 2.2 hair.
  • There is no cut to the skin in the FUE technique as in the old technique (FUT technique).
  • The percentage of waste in the number of bulbs and time required is slightly lower than the previous technique FUT .
  • The cost of hair transplant according to this technique is acceptable and suitable for most patients wishing to restore their hair.
  • FUE hair transplant results are positive and encouraging

People who is candidate for FUE hair transplant

Any person who intends to perform hair transplant surgery at a hospital, clinic or center in Turkey, Istanbul in particular, or any other dilatation in the world in general, must meet the following conditions:

  • Do not suffer from any chronic diseases such as heart, pressure or sugar.
  • Have good health.
  • Do not suffer from skin diseases and infections such as psoriasis or eczema.
  • Suspension of blood drugs or alcohol-containing drinks a week before planting.
  • Minimise smoking and shish-a as much as possible.
  • The person is over 18 years of age.
  • Has sufficient information about the details of the hair transplant process.

FUE hair transplant steps of the procedure

  1. Hair is completely shaven after determining the area to be planted and identify the area where hair follicles will be extracted.
  2. Sterilisation and local anaesthesia of the area from which hair will be extracted.
  3. Extract hair follicles from the donor area which is usually behind the head.
  4. A device called the micro motor is used in the extraction of hair follicles. The device carries a punch which is like a hollow needle, 0.6 to 0.8 mm in diameter. It pulls the root of the hair follicle and is then extracted by medical tweezers to be kept in a special liquid.
  5. Place the excretions removed over sterile medical gauze into cool liquid to keep the bulbs alive for as long as possible. Preferably placed over ice pieces or stored in the medical refrigerator.
  6. In the same way, the area to be planted will be anaesthetised after drawing the appropriate shape, whether for the front line or the areas to be grown.
  7. Open new pores to re-implant the bulbs picked up in areas where hair needs to be proportional to the number of follicles with the number of pores that will open.
  8. Insert the hair follicles extracted from the donor area into the new pores. This is the last step of surgery according to the FUE hair transplant technique.

Procedure after finishing the FUE hair transplant

  • Explain the instructions to be followed after the process of FUE hair restoration Turkey.
  • Cover the donor area for a period of one to two days.
  • Review the hospital where the hair transplant was performed so that the gauze was removed from the donor area.
  • Stay in constant contact with the medical advisor and doctors periodically to follow the improvement of hair growth.
  • First wash by the medical team and specialists and explain in detail to the patient.

The advantages of FUE hair transplant technique

  1. According to FUE hair transplant before and after results FUE is one of the most common and successful hair restoration techniques in the world.
  2. Typical FUT technology is characterised by a 95% success rate.
  3. Low loss rate and reasonable cost.
  4. Easy and simple extraction.
  5. This technique is performed without surgery, without cutting the skin or similar.
  6. The recovery period of FUE hair transplant is short compared to FUT technique.

Some false information about FUE hair transplantation procedure

Most hair transplant surgeries done in Turkey or outside can transplant a number of bulbs between 1500 to 4500 bulbs and there is no process beyond the number of bulbs in the 6000 or 7000 because:

  1. The donor area can not give a large number of bulbs such as 6000 or 7000 bulbs.
  2. The medical team needs two or three additional hours on the basic time needed for the operation, which is 8 hours full.
  3. Increase the chance of wasting in the bulbs because of the long time that will be kept outside the body.
  4. exposing the donor area to the possibility of forming empty areas as a result of the excessive abduction.

Why Turkey to FUE hair transplant?

Turkey has recently been distinguished among several countries as a pioneer in the field of plastic surgery and hair transplant among other countries due to several reasons:

  • The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is suitable for most groups of society as the prices of cosmetic operations in general and FUE hair transplant cost in particular are very affordable in Turkey compared to other countries.
  • The appropriate location for the Turkish Republic among other countries, where mediating between three continents is a strategic and encouraging for many people to visit.
  • Turkish doctors, highly trained medical staff and specialists are also encouraging people to come to Turkey for plastic surgery or hair transplantation.
  • Turkey’s positive results among the top five countries in the field of hair transplantation and plastic surgery.
  • The high turnout of Therapeutic tourism or medical tourism in Turkey is also one of the key factors, taking Turkey to the front line of countries of which also take on “health tourism” as a means for economic growth.

FUE hair transplant side effects

Hair transplantation is a radical solution to treat hair loss or baldness, which is like any operation that must have temporary side effects as long as it is carried out by hair specialists. What are the effects of hair transplantation?


If itching is found in the place of hair transplantation, there is no need to worry. This feeling often disappears after a few days. The patient should avoid violent scratching at the place of cultivation or else he will expose himself to the loss of newly planted bulbs.


Not common, but it is likely to occur. However, swelling will disappear if found within a few days. If the swelling continues, the doctor will prescribe anti-swelling drugs and will not affect the success of the procedure.

Numbness (feeling of loss of sensation):

Numbness is common and the patient should not be concerned about this transient presentation. The numbness usually disappears after the first three days, and even if it lasts for a week, it remains within the temporary side effect.


ِِِِAfter hair transplant Patient may notice redness of the scalp at the treated area . This redness ends after the first week completely or a maximum of 10 days.

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