fut hair transplant

FUT hair transplant surgery in Turkey

FUT Hair transplant is a technique done by taking a strip or piece of skin that contains strong hair follicles from the donor region from the back of the head and the extraction of hair follicles from this segment and replanted in the area that needs to be cultivated.

What does FUT hair transplant mean?

Follicular Unit Transplantation, which means that the hair follicle is removed from the back of the head and re-cultivated in the area where it is needed.

How does FUT hair transplant technology work?

FUT is done by shaving a rectangular area from the back of the head with a full head width from the back and height of 1 cm or 2 cm and then sterilised well after the local anaesthesia is done to the area.

Then cut the skin slice in this area and the existing hair follicles are extracted In this area and at the same time, the two ends of the skin are collected in the area from which the slide was taken and sewed.

After extracting all the hair follicles from that area, a second local anaesthetic is applied to the area to be opened.

New fine pores are opened to implant the hair follicles extracted from the slide.

What are the disadvantages of FUT hair transplant technology?

It should be noted that the FUT technique is one of the oldest used in the first hair transplant procedure.
Disadvantages of FUT Technology:

  1. Permanent scars left by the process after conducting FUT hair transplant technique where the strip taken from the donor ares and after the healing of the wound permanent scar is shown up in the donor area in place of the stitched incision .
  2. The scar height is about 1 – 2 cm  and width among the donor area from the back of head where it seems very clear if a person has cut hair.
  3. The length of time required by the process of hair transplantation in this technique as the time required to complete is very long.
  4. Unsatisfactory results where hair transplantation by the FUT medical team first and for the patient. Secondly, because hair transplantation in this way requires a long period of time and thus exposes the life of hair follicles extracted at risk and thus adversely affect the desired results of agriculture this way.
  5. The permanent damage done by surgery in this way as the donor area is severely affected and the surgeon who can not hold second or third sessions (intensive) as opposed to agriculture by FUT hair transplant.
  6. The negative psychological feeling associated with the person who has cultivated this technique (FUT) because of the scars left by cutting the slide behind the head.

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