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Hair loss

Hair loss or baldness could be treated by hair transplant as it is one of the most sought out solutions to hair loss.

As a large portion of the male society suffers baldness, sometimes this baldness is very early, causing a bad psychological state of the person with baldness, or suffering from hair loss, leading to loss of self-confidence.

Hair thinning solutions

Science has always worked to find solutions to this problem. Today we have many solutions available, ranging from hair tonic, pills and vitamins to stop hair loss and hair transplant surgery Using techniques such as FUE , FUT , DHI and percutaneous.

Hair loss patterns

  • Baldness or hair loss has many different forms and causes. One of the most common forms of baldness is male baldness, affecting men and women alike.
  • This type of baldness is called masculine baldness because there are hormones that cause this fall. These hormones are the hormone: testosterone and androgen, ie, the male hormones, and the increase in the proportion of these hormones cause baldness called masculine baldness.
  • Hair loss usually starts from the front of the head, and from the ends, and then progresses baldness gradually until it hits the upper region of the head as a whole.
  • We all know that in the nature of the case is the density of hair at the front of the head less than the density of the back. So when male baldness starts showing signs of baldness very quickly in the foreground.

Hair loss in women

Hair loss in women or female pattern hair loss differs from the fall in men and the hair falling in women in the form of a tuft or grooves that is spread throughout the head and not only from the introduction, such as falling in men.

It should be noted that the hair on both sides of the head and the back is not affected by the fall, because of its proximity to blood veins and the accessibility of food and ventilation the area with chemical agents, sun or head coverings, whether in men or women.

Donor Area

The area behind the head (the donor area) has very thick hair and has genetic characteristics resistant to hair loss. For this reason, hair follicles are harvested from this area and grown in areas that require cultivation or intensification in hair restoration procedures.

Science has confirmed that male hormones such as testosterone and androgen are the main culprits of hair loss, but the facts that causes the imbalance of these hormones is still unclear to this day.

Male baldness pattern

Once men hair loss pattern strikes someone until their hair begins to fall, the density begins to diminish gradually from the front of the head until the front areas are completely free of hair. The front line is gradually retreating and at times this attack settles down at the beginning of the rear of the head.

Genetics factors, both from the father’s or mother’s family side, play a large and important role in the inheritance of this phenomenon, male baldness and hair loss in men and women.

Baldness and hair loss Treatment

  • Nowadays, many methods to treat baldness and hair loss , but most cases of baldness or hair fall are neglected and lack of attention to these cases of falling or similar problems of lack of density, etc.
  • Continuous awareness and advice should be given to people suffering from these problems. They should be encouraged to get treatment before it is too late and the area will be fully cleansed. Otherwise, the person will have to undergo hair transplantation to restore the natural and thick appearance of his hair. A simple interest may save you a lot of time and money.
  • There are also some cases where women are also affected significantly as it is enough to appear simple signs to ensure the poor mental state of the rest of the hair.
  • It is important to note that at present there are many modern techniques and treatments in the area of ​​hair loss in women where treatment in the cases of primitive precipitation by the injection of platelet rich plasma PRP or apply Mesotherapy sessions , but in advanced cases of hair loss or baldness patients may need to undergo hair restoration procedure by one of the hair transplant techniques.

In such cases, you should not be negligent and seek advice from specialists in this field to take advice, obtain appropriate medication and regularly use it.

Minoxidil to Stop Hair Loss 

One of the most famous drugs in the fight against baldness and hair loss in men is Minoxidil trade name (Rogaine), which is unique treatment at the present time to eliminate the problems of hair loss and the like, whether for men or women.

Minoxidil has been proven to be highly effective, as prescribed by the doctor. Regular use of pills or similar drugs to modify the hormone is not highly recommended for its side effects such as the appearance of hair in undesirable areas or imbalance in the hormonal balance in the body and should not be used these pills During pregnancy or lactation, and in case of use, care should be taken and the doctor’s instructions must be strictly observed.

Minoxidil Side Effects 

One of the common negative effects of Minoxidil therapy is sexual dysfunction or hormonal imbalance in men. Once a person has a hair loss, a woman or a woman who is treated with Minoxidil may notice a large difference in shape, color and hair density within a very short period of time.

How to use Minoxidil ?

Attention should be paid to the use of this treatment on a regular basis as the irregularity in the use of this treatment may cause an adverse effect resulting in increased hair loss, and should be used for a period of time not less than 6 months to ensure the arrival of hair follicles for a period of strength to be able to produce healthy and strong hair .

How Does Minoxidil Works ?

  • Minoxidil is based on irritating the skin cells and stimulate blood circulation in that area and thus strengthen hair follicles.
  • Minoxidil therapy is available in several forms, including the cream or sprays. In both cases, treatment should be applied to the scalp, not directly to the hair.

Hair loss in men

  • Hair loss in men has many solutions, you should not review the specialists in this area or review one of the hospitals specialised in hair transplant and cosmetic surgery.
  • Turkey is currently one of the pioneers in the field of hair transplant globally and regionally, not to mention the expertise available in Turkey also has reasonable prices and costs suitable for a very large segment of society.
  • It should be noted that some advanced and worsening cases of baldness are untreatable, therefore resort to the cultivation of hair and wasting time and money on treatments that do not work.

Evolution of hair loss for baldness

In general, the drugs can stop the hair loss or strengthen the hair only. As for full baldness, there is no need to waste time, however we do recommend hair transplant in specialised hospitals and we also advise you to choose the right place with great experience in this area.

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