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Hair transplant for women in Turkey

Hair transplant for women in Turkey is one of the most important topics to be discussed on social networking sites. Women are looking for the perfect and permanent solution to the problems of weak hair density or hair loss.

Introduction to hair loss in women

Loss of hair causes depression as a result causing  serious impacts on a  women’s quality of life.

The problem is not only women’s hair loss, but hair loss can result in psychological and emotional problems. These are no less important than it is for hair loss for men.

With all of that unfortunately women’s hair loss is not taken seriously by family or friends or even by a woman’s personal doctor at times.

Regardless of the fact that women’s hair loss itself can lead to psychological and emotional problems for women, the lack of understanding of people and society in recognizing the seriousness of these problems can contribute to exacerbating the psychological and emotional effects that may develop to lower self-esteem, anxiety and depression.

We can consider hair loss for women a “normal” phenomenon. Progressive hair loss is often associated with ageing.

However, temporary hair loss is associated with pregnancy and childbirth. Often.

Studies and scientific research have shown that the pattern of female hair loss is linked to genetic factors inherited from parents and grandparents.

Common causes of hair loss for women

The main causes of hair loss in females or women are:

Androgenetic Alopecia

Is a genetic pattern of hair loss in women and appears as thinning in the density of hair spread over the middle area of ​​the scalp. It is the most common type of hair loss. And occurs in about 20% of women.

Alopecia Areata

Topical alopecia, a recurrent disease of which causes are unknown, this leads to incomplete hair loss from the scalp and / or eyebrows in certain spots.

Telogen Effluvium

It is a disease that causes baldness and loss of entire scalp hair, may be chronic or temporary but severely associated with fever, high temperature rise, severe food shortage, and chronic blood loss from severe bleeding during menstruation.

Loose Anagen Syndrome

Anagen syndrome causes hair loss before the natural growth cycle is complete. The hair can be pulled simply when bathing or when you comb or brush your hair .

Traction Alopecia

Tighten the hair shaft and tighten it harshly, tying and tightening the hair back, over time, causing permanent damage to hair follicle and scalp and leads to hair loss.


Some chemicals used in hair styling or coloring may cause permanent hair and scalp damage and lead to hair loss.


In this case, the person feels compelled to pull or pluck the hair in regular or random patterns, leading over time to alopecia and hair loss permanently.

Scarring Alopecia

Hair loss due to scars of the scalp area or areas where hair grows.

It usually affects the upper part of the scalp and occurs mostly in women. This phenomenon is common in females of African and Caribbean origin, and is believed to be associated with the constant tightening of their traditional hairstyle .

It may also occur in women after menopause, and is associated with inflammation of the hair follicle that leaves subsequent scars.


Thyroid insufficiency, any dysfunction of the thyroid gland can be associated with thinning, weakness, fall or incomplete hair loss.


Hormonal changes, body fatigue and stress during pregnancy and postpartum may be a cause of temporary hair loss.


Polycystic ovary or obstruction of the fallopian tube causes an imbalance in the secretion of hormones, which in turn affect hair follicles directly.

Mental state

Work stress or stress, may also cause temporary hair loss for women.

Treatment of hair loss and baldness in women

Women and females who are suffering from hair loss have many ways to solve the problem of weakness of hair density , hair thinning or baldness include :

  1. Change hairstyle.
  2. Hair dyes.
  3. Synthesis of hair and hair extensions of synthetic or natural hair.
  4. Use wig in advanced cases of hair loss for women.

But these methods , even if they alleviate the problem, are not the best solution. They are either temporary or exhausting and expensive.

Hair transplant for women No-cut FUE in Istanbul Turkey

Female hair transplant is an appropriate and permanent treatment option for women who have problems with hair density or baldness.

Hair transplantation has a high rate of success in women with female pattern hair loss , and the vast majority of women who have undergone hair transplantation at Turk Estetic clinic are very grateful and very satisfied with the results.

Not all women are qualified to undergo hair transplantation. Since we usually treat women who have thinning hair, and scalp baldness, it is normal for some women to be more prone to hair loss by doing hair transplantation than others (and some others are not at all suitable to do Hair transplantation).

We will try to give you as realistic a picture as possible about the result you can expect after women hair loss treatment. We will certainly advise you in other ways of treatments if hair transplantation is not suitable to solve the problem of hair loss and weak density.

Modern hair transplantation techniques can restore hair loss or change and reshape anterior hair line to determine the forehead naturally and appropriately for facial features.

Taking care of transplanted hair is a simple procedure that does not go beyond normal washing for hair cutting and hairdressing as you always do. The transplant process can be done ideally so that most people can not distinguish between transplanted hairs and naturally grown hair.

Hair transplant for women stages in Turkey without shaving

Hair transplantation is performed in Turkey without the need for full hair removal. Using No-cut FUE technique, the procedure takes about 7 hours and is divided into several steps and stages:

  1. Shave hair in the donor area in the form of a rectangle between the ears
  2. Clean and disinfect the donor area
  3. Donor area is anaesthetised topically using dedicated needles to numb the scalp.
  4. The extraction of bulbs and grafts using a special FUE device called a micro motor and features a thin extraction head with diameter ranging from 0.6 to 0.9 mm.
  5. Collect all the extracted grafts and then sort and count them to determine the total number of bulbs to be transferred and re-planted .
  6. Restructure the front hairline if there is a need to modify it and identify the weak or empty areas where the hair follicles will be implanted.
  7. Anaesthetise the area to be cultivated locally and equip it to start the next stage.
  8. Open channels or small pores in the area to be covered and intensified .
  9. Start by implanting the extracted follicles one at a time manually by using medical tweezers for this procedure.
  10. Place a medical bandage on the donor area from behind the head.

The most important aspect before starting a hair transplant for women is planning. When you start a hair restoration trip, you will be consulted by an experienced hair transplant specialist. The results and temporary side effects of the process and stages of hair growth after the operation will be explained so that you are fully aware of the process and make the right decision for you.

The cost of hair transplant for women in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most suitable places for people suffering from hair loss or baldness to do hair transplantation for both women and men.

We can see a significant increase in the number of hair transplant centres in Iran or hair transplant clinics in Egypt or Saudi Arabia. However, people prefer to travel to Istanbul for their operations for several reasons such as:

  • Hair transplant clinics in Turkey are working according to international technology and safety standards.
  • Experience of medical staff over 15 years in some Turkish hair restoration centres.
  • Premium service packages include accommodation in the finest hotels, transportation, medicines and treatments.
  • Medical follow-up to ensure that the person follows the instructions given to him.
  • The costs are appropriate for all financial background as the cost of hair transplantation in Arab countries is up to twice the cost we offer in Turkey or more.
  • Experiments on hair transplant for women in Turkey are good and encouraging and provide high hair intensity and amazing results.
  • The possibility of transporting and cultivating large numbers of hair bulbs of more than 4000 grafts in some cases, which is much larger than in the numbers of grafts transplanted in the clinics of Europe and the Middle East.

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