hollywood smile

What is the smile make-over treatment?

The first thing that people notice about you usually is your smile , for that reason smile makeover operations take a high rank among the esthetic operations.
A beautiful smile plays a key role in your self confidence and leaves a lasting good impression , all that make the smile makeover a good investment and a transform point to improve your smile appearance through one or more cosmetic dentistry processes, like tooth implants, dental veneers and teeth whitening.
The smile makeover is also called Dental makeover ,teeth makeover or Hollywood smile procedure.

How a smile make-over opration is performed?

The smile makeover is performed through some dentistry procedures that are selected by your dentist after analysing an examination to determine the situation of your teeth and what problems, if any tooth may require dental treatment. Therefore, your smile makeover could include teeth composite bonding, crowns, whitening,inlays and onlays or any other dental treatments that your dentist determines is right for your esthetic treatment plan

Hollywood smile costs?

Hollywood smile procedure cost vary from one country to another and from one clinic to another and here in Turkey is priced according to the number of required dental treatments and the experience and skill of the dentist and the technique to be followed in the process.

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