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Dental restoration inlays onlays

Inlays onlays , Successful restoration of teeth is after making the right diagnosis of the patient’s current oral problems, analyze the health of the patient’s mouth, and patient’s needs.

Dental restoration or repairing of teeth that are damaged due to erosion of the surface layer of teeth and decay or necrosis. The treatment of these teeth is to restore appearance and functionality

Dentists treat deep dental incisions that cause food and fluid to leak into the dental nerve canal by placing protective layer composed of solid and durable to last for decades.

Since the deep incisions are made on the molars on the rooftops to help grind food. Because of the accumulation of leftovers and the difficulty of reaching the area by a toothbrush to clean them properly, bacteria that cause tooth decay begins to form on the surface causing necrosis which causes tooth sensitivity and sharp pain when drinking cold water or hot drinks.

Through the restoration of teeth inlays onlays are used to fill these cracks and prevents dental diversion through the enamel layer to return to form and normal operation.

Dental fillings inlays onlays in Turkey

Dental restoration fillings are used to restore and protect teeth. Previously, it was common to use fillings containing mercury. The drawback to the use of mercury is a toxic substance and the non-aesthetic appearance . At present, these materials have been replaced with composite fillings.

In Turk Estetic we prepare composite fillings using sophisticated techniques, we use best and high quality materials to ensure long-lasting natural results, taking into account the aesthetic look.

Inlays onlays are intermediate between filling therapy or installing a dental Crown.

This technique uses pure porcelain or resin to match the shape of the minute cavities on teeth.

Dental restoration treatment is suitable for teeth that were broken. And unlike white filling they do not cause any pressure on the walls of the tooth.

The difference between Inlays Onlays

Inlays onlays are teeth restoration techniques used to repair premolar or molar teeth which experiencing moderate or advanced decay and associated with necrosis and damage in the tooth.

Either heavily affected teeth and fractured , cracked or broken, which inlays onlays can’t help with the restoration of teeth or dental repair but need dental crowns to restore the form and function of the tooth to it’s fullest.

Onlays are used to cover one or more teeth outcrop surface, while Inlay uses more like fill the space between single tooth outcrops.

Inlays Onlays benefits in Turkey

There are many positive points with tooth restoration treatment :

  1. Primarily they are useful in the treatment of tooth decay, and getting rid of teeth sensitivity , we are able to change its color to look natural and fit the other teeth.
  2. Inlays onlays preparation are made of durable materials and solid mixtures of high quality so that it matches the desired function for up to 30 years.
  3. Dental restoration can help strengthen your teeth by up to 75% percent , unlike traditional metal fillings that can reduce indeed the strength of teeth back to their natural strength.
  4. Inlays onlays gives teeth longevity and may replace many extra Dental treatments in the future.

All these reasons make inlays onlays the preferred choice for those wanting to replace unattractive or fillings made of metal

Important questions about inlays onlays  in Turkey

How much do inlays onlays cost in Turkey?

Cost of dental restoration in Turkey accepted by all our visitors from around the world, where the competing dozens of dental clinics in Istanbul and compete to give the best service with high quality and experienced dentists let alone appropriate dental treatment costs in Turkey.

The cost of repairing the premolar teeth differs from the molar teeth as the cost of dental treatment for a surface erosion is simple compared necrotized teeth that may need root canal treatment

Is dental inlays onlays a painful procedure?

It’s not painful at all, because the dentist applies a local anesthetic before beginning inlays or onlays procedure.

How are inlays onlays procedures done?

  • Most often, the person wanting to make inlays or onlays 2 visits to the clinic .
  • The dentist has to make the shape and size of patterns identical to the shape and size of tooth.
  • At the first visit of the dental restoration treatment the dentist will remove the damaged part of the tooth.
  • At the next visit suitable dental filler is made the size and shape of the primary tooth.
  • Tooth format will determine the quantity and form reconstructive filler.
  • A medical substance is inserted between your teeth to get the shape of the missing part.
  • This shape obtained as a replica of your primary tooth form, which will be restored later.
  • The new obtained part will be installed permanently on your teeth. 
  • The dentist will do a simple refinement gives tooth both natural and bright look.

How long does inlays onlays last?

Fix teeth restoration generally can last for three decades.

This duration is linked to many reasons which depend on the patient’s behavior and attention after treatment.

These factors are:

  1. How strong is it normal or chewing.
  2. Choose food.
  3. Oral health.
  4. Dental care.

It is very important to visit your dentist regularly to make sure that everything is going well.


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