What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are a private kind of ultra-thin veneers . Lumineer can change your smile and give you that attractive smile makeover. They can cover gaps between teeth and prettify the appearance of sunken and discoloured teeth.

Why the dentists prefer Lumineers ?

The prime disparity is that Lumineer are made from a special patented cerinate porcelain that is very strong but much thinner than traditional veneers that constructed in laboratory . Even the lumineer called contact lenses for your teeth sometimes.
The major feature of the Lumineer is that minimum tooth preparation is needed. In other words, very thin layer of your tooth surface needs to be removed through shaving or grinding before bonding the Lumineer over your teeth. Unlike traditional veneers that may require to remove a significant amount of your tooth structure.
Lumineers are versatile so they can be placed over existing crown and bridge without replacing them. They are the perfect solution for stained, discoloured , chipped or slightly misaligned teeth.

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