Mustache Transplant

Mustache Transplant

Some of the men are suffering from the deformation in the mustache, as a result of wounds or burns or genetic lack of density.
With mustache transplant operation our doctors take the necessary count of follicles from the donor area ( back of the head ), and replant in the mustache area after drawing the shape that it will look after hair grows.

How long does mustache transplantation take?

mustache transplant takes about 5 hours almost.

Techniques used in mustache transplant

The mustache transplantation uses the FUE technique, which takes follicles from the donor area behind the head, and replant it in the needed area of the eyebrow which will be transplanted.

Who candidate to do mustache transplant ?

People who are over eighteen who do not suffer from heart diseases, diabetes or other diseases, all of them are candidate to do the mustache cultivation.

Before mustache transplanting

The steps before mustache transplantation are the same that should be followed in hair transplant, or beard transplant. such as refrain completely from alcohol and mitigate smoking the day before operation.

After the mustache transplant operation?

After the mustache cultivation operation is complete you should pay attention as much as possible to:
– do not touch the mustache with your hand or anything else.
– lips movement or identikit for the first two days.
– stay away from contaminated atmospheres or rain or strong sunlight.
– when wearing clothes, eating, drinking, and talking for 7 to 10 days.

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