percutaneous hair transplant

Percutaneous hair transplant in Turkey

Percutaneous hair transplant for many reasons Men and women are prone to baldness or hair loss problems, where hair transplant surgery or plasma injection and mesotherapy treatments are used to avoid and alleviate these problems as much as possible.

Day after day, hair transplant experts and doctors develop existing techniques and sometimes invent some techniques to get the perfect result and best results to meet the wishes of people wishing to perform hair transplantation in Turkey Istanbul.

Turk Estetic hair transplant specialists have developed the Percutaneous hair transplant, which we will explain in detail. This technique has become a requirement for many because of its ideal results and its proper cost.

Definition of Percutaneous hair transplant

Percutaneous is an innovative new technique for implantation of hair follicles with a safe and smooth technique.

This technique opens pores in the areas that need to be cultivated by means of a special pen, which holds a small needle that secures the opening of small pores that are almost equal to the size of the bulb to be planted instead of the FUE, and then laying the bulbs extracted into those pores.

The difference between FUE and Percutaneous hair transplant

What distinguishes hair transplantation according to Percutaneous technology from other techniques such as the FUE or other is that in the stage of opening pores in the area to be cultivated  a small needle is used instead of the medical precision blade.

By planting the hair according to percutaneous hair transplant we can grow a higher number of follicles in the square centimetre and the proportion of success of agriculture in this technique with several reasons:

  • Quality and strength of the donor area.
  • The size of the area needed for cultivation.
  • Nature and density of hair.
  • The condition and strength of hair bulbs.

Advantages of Percutaneous Hair Transplant

Percutaneous technology is superior to other techniques used in the field of hair transplant, the most important of which are:

  1. Relatively short recovery time.
  2. Scarring that is temporarily formed after percutaneous hair transplant is lighter than in other techniques.
  3. Determine the shape and direction of growth of hair implanted in an easy and smooth manner.
  4. The possibility of planting more bulbs per square centimetre.
  5. A more similar and natural look for planted hair.

Percutaneous hair transplant steps

The hair is cultured according to this technique in a special way and with different stages and is compatible with the technique of follicles unit extraction FUE.

The most important stages of percutaneous hair transplant technique:

  1. The preliminary examination in which the images are sent by the patient to be examined and the degree of their suitability for cultivation by percutaneous.
  2. hair hairstyles, planning and drawing places that need to be cultivated and places where the bulbs will be picked out.
  3. Sterilisation and anaesthesia of the donor area behind the head.
  4. Start picking the bulbs from the donor area.
  5. Open the pores in the area requiring the implantation of the special percutan needles instead of the medical blade.
  6. Planting the bulbs and inserting them into the pores that were previously established.

Percutaneous hair transplant cost in Turkey

The cost of the operation with percutaneous technology is more than the cost of the FUE hair transplantation process, which varies from $ 1500 to $ 2,500.

Turk Estetic offers great facilities in this field in terms of cost and accurate examination and is one of the first in hair transplantation using modern advanced techniques.

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