PRP Hair loss

Details of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

PRP injection of hair is a novel technique, designed to solve hair loss or baldness.

This technique rehabilitates the hair follicles that suffer from weakness, which later causes hair loss, which in turn leads to baldness.

How to inject PRP for hair loss in Turkey

We know that blood consists of several substances and essential components, namely erythrocytes, leukocytes, platelets and blood plasma.

We obtain the plasma from the patient’s own blood, by taking a sample of the blood and of the saliva about 10ml , and then placed in a device called the centrifuge.

The plasma is extracted in the form of a transparent liquid at the top of the sample taken from , separated than the rest of the blood components such as white cells, red and platelets.

This platelet rich plasma PRP is taken and injected into areas with weak hair, damaged or bald bulbs, and sometimes reinforced substances are added as activator . In turn, hair follicles and hair root are strengthened.

The PRP extracted from the blood contains very useful substances and elements to nourish and strengthen hair follicles. Contain a very large amount of proteins and nutrients, as well as contain glycogen, alpha particles and decompose materials.

These materials helping hair follicle cells to regenerate faster and repair damaged tissue . PRP Plasma injection takes about 15 minutes.

Which patients are not able to get PRP hair loss treatment?

Plasma injections for hair are very useful for patients with hair growth problems, weakness, or for people who start baldness.

However, it should be noted that some patients can not have PRP injections:

  1. Patients suffering from blood clotting problems.
  2. Cancer patients.
  3. Patients suffering from chronic skin diseases.
  4. Strong inflammation and persistent chronic inflammation .
  5. Chronic liver disease.
  6. The functional defect of the blood platelets and their weakness or deficiency.
  7. Low Fibrinogen (factor I) ratio in the blood.
  8. Patients with circulatory disorders.

It should also be noted that the patient who under goes the PRP treatment method may have some redness in the area where the plasma was injected. Its normal and there is nothing to worry about.

The patient should not take a shower immediately after PRP injection, but should wait at least 10 hours. A person may feel mild pain after a plasma session and it will disappear in few minutes.

PRP hair loss treatment efficacy in Turkey

In most cases that are performed for patients with hair problems such as hair fall or similar, results are highly satisfactory for them. However in some cases there can be  some unsuccessful plasma session treatments, depending on the individual.

Plasma treatment usually needs a relatively long time to get the final result. Because it is considered a slow and semi-permanent treatments.

Notes must be taken into consideration in order to get good and satisfying results:

  • Patient must have 8 sessions to get the best results of PRP treatment in Turkey.
  • The schedule of treatment sessions should be once per month.
  • Follow the instructions of the doctor and the accompanying medical team.
  • Adhere to specific and non-random time periods like any other treatment.
  • Follow a good diet program.
  • Stay away from the use of chemicals for hairdressing.
  • Do not wear things that cause suffocation to the scalp breathe.
  •  Apply a slight rubbing of the scalp during bathing, must allow for stimulation and movement of blood.

The tablets of the accompanying vitamins can be taken with PRP hair therapy to strengthen the follicles and feed them with the essential elements. Science confirms that tissue and cell structure, injected with blood plasma or PRP, is improved and that most cases respond positively to the treatment. No noticeable negativity is observed, but the response rate differs from person to person depending on the person’s own nature.

PRP hair loss treatment failures

Some of the main causes of hair PRP failure are:

  • Decreased blood flow and poor blood activity, and lack of perfusion of areas suffering from hair loss problems and areas leading to baldness.
  • Strong genetic causes leading to forced hair loss.
  • Injecting regular injections or failure to comply with the instructions of the doctor or medical team.
  • The nature of work or life like wearing any head gear, hats, helmets, beanies etc on the hair or the use of harmful substances such as gel or creams containing harmful chemicals.

Is PRP hair injection painful?

The pain of plasma injection of hair is very mild and not as some people imagine it is a tolerable pain. Especially that injections used in the PRP treatment are very soft injection, and relieve pain as much as possible.

Experience plays a major role in relieving pain. The method of injection is influenced by the person who is capable. Here, the experience has a positive effect on increasing the success rate of the PRP technology and reducing the accompanying pain rate as much as possible.

In some cases where the PRP is applied in sensitive areas such as the face, or applied to people who are very fearful of the injections , apply topical anesthetic creams to relieve the sensation of injecting as much as possible, the patient may continue to feel the ache in the day which follows the injection of hair and soon disappears on the second day.

PRP hair loss treatment features

  1. Plasma injection of hair does not leave any negative effects in contrast to operations that require surgical intervention or the like.
  2. The results of plasma injection with a period of time is very fast compared to medicines used oils, aerosols and fortified vitamin pills.
  3. Results appear faster than surgical results that require you to wait more than a year to see the end result.
  4. The side effects are not concrete because the plasma used is from the patient him/herself and does not contain any foreign or harmful substances, which reduces the side effects by a high rate. As the injected substances are familiar to the immune system and and therefore does not reject or attack it as strange substances.
  5. The cost of PRP for hair is encouraging compared to the cost of other treatments used and the speed of the hair’s response to plasma therapy is one of the most important reasons for the use of this method.
  6. Also stimulates the production of collagen and increases the movement and blood flow leading to good nutrition of the cells.

Platelet Rich Plasma injection is not limited to hair only. PRP injection is used in many other medical uses, such as ligament rupture, is used to regenerate damaged tissue, and is used in some cases of cardiovascular treatments. It also has a positive effect on cell regeneration, wound healing and skin ruptures caused by obesity.

It is also used to eliminate some skin blemishes and is used to remove light wrinkles resulting from weak cell regeneration. It also helps to regenerate hair follicles when injected under the scalp, which reduces the incidence of hair loss , so people with baldness are advised to inject every 20 or 30 days.

PRP hair treatment side effects 

  • After the injection of platelet rich plasma in hair follicles shows small blood drops and redness that soon disappear in the first days after the procedure.
  • The feeling of simple pain caused by the injections disappears immediately after  few minutes 

Plasma injection of hair is one of the best and most appropriate techniques and best ways to delay as much as possible from the process of hair transplant. Especially for people who have had symptoms of hair loss, or people who have started the symptoms of primitive baldness. Platelet Rich Plasma hair loss injections in areas with low hair density result in an improvement of at least 35 percent and  PRP is the best alternative to minoxidil and other male hormone inhibitors drugs that cause hair loss.

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