Root Canal

What is a Root Canal?

Root canals is treatment (also called ‘endodontics’) is the removal of the the blood or nerve supply of the tooth (called the ‘pulp’), and its needed when the pulp is infected or damaged through decay or injury. You may not feel any pain in the early stages of the infection. In some cases your tooth could darken in colour, which may mean that the nerve of the tooth has died (or is dying).
Years ago, teeth with infected or injured pulps were pulled out. But now thanks to root canal treatment we can save many teeth that would otherwise be lost.

How is a it Done?

The goal of the root canal is to remove the infection from the root canal. The root is then cleaned and filled to prevent any further disease.
Root canal treatment is a skilled and time-consuming procedure. Most cases require two or more visits to your dentist.
At the first appointment, the damaged pulp is removed and any abscesses should be drained. Then the root canal is cleaned and prepared for the filling. A temporary filling is put in and the tooth is left to settle.
The tooth is checked at a later visit and when all the infection has cleared, the tooth is permanently filled.
In the final step, a crown is placed over the tooth to restore its natural shape and appearance. In some cases a post may be required to build it up prior If the tooth is very broken down to placing a crown.

Does root it hurt?

No. generally, a local anaesthetic is applied and it should feel the same of having an ordinary filling done. There may be some tenderness afterwards but this should gone gradually over time.

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