teeth whitening

What is the teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is the procedure of clearing discoloration and stains from teeth and improving their appearance through a bleaching process to make them look “whiter and brighter”.
Teeth whitening in Turkey is the most requested cosmetic dentistry treatment

Methods of Teeth Whitening ?

You may feel that your teeth are so much discolored and hopeless to look white ever again, but esthetic dentistry methods are bringing amazing results thanks to the newest whitening techniques.
For heavily soiled and stained teeth cases; dentists are using a procedure of scale and polish or laser teeth whitening to handle this kind of situations and achieve improvement in your smile appearance.

Why do the teeth change color?
Many causes can change the color of our teeth such as the factor of aging , coloring materials (tea, cigarettes, coffee, cola), traumas, veneers or colored old fillings. Also antibiotics like (tetracycline) that used during pregnancy period or extreme fluoride consumption .

Can anyone have a teeth whitening ?

Almost everyone. But there are conditions where the treatment is ineffective. Your dentist can see if the treatment will be successful after a complete mouth scan. If your teeth are healthy this is an ideal solution for healthier and more natural smiles.

Is it safe?

Yes. Researchs show that teeth whitening done under supervision of your dentist is very effective and safe. The teeth or the gum is not harmed in any way.

How long does it take?

Usually teeth color starts turning white at first application. In clinic a second season may be needed. In home the treatment may takes around 4-7 days.

Is the desired result always achieved?

Mostly yes, but sometimes there are some cases that may require laminate veneers. beside that, there are some things to take into account :
The brand and contents of the whitening material
Supervision of a professional dentist
Treatment time and usage
Reduction of coloring agents (coffee, tea, smoking)

What I have to do after treatment?

For two weeks, after the teeth whitening it is important to avoid using coloring materials because the bleaching process still continues.

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