hair wash after hair transplant

Washing hair after hair transplant

What is washing after hair transplantation procedure in Turkey?

Wash after hair transplant , the goal of washing hair after finishing the hair restoration is to get rid of the coagulated blood spots and the skin peels (scabs) resulting from healing the treated area.

Periodic regular washing after surgery also releases hair follicles and facilitates growth.

The goal of hair wash after hair transplant

Washing the planted area appropriately after the hair transplantation in Turkey serves as the following:

  1. Disposal of the crust formed by open pores.
  2. Clean up coagulated blood spots on the cultivated area.
  3. Release the planted hair follicles and facilitate the growth of the planted hair.
  4. Minimize the possibility of harming the follicles if washing is done in the normal way.
  5. Clean the donor area.

The next video explains with caption the correct way to conduct hair wash after hair transplant in Turkey

The main steps to do hair wash after hair transplant

Before you start washing

Before you start your shower, apply the special lotion which we give to you on the cultivated area and wait for a period of 30 to 45 minutes.

This cream or lotion softens the planted area to prepare it for washing and facilitate the disposal of the skin peels formed.

During washing

During washing After hair transplantation for the first time those instructions should be followed:

• Medical gauze is removed from the donor area.
• Rinse the lotion with warm or normal water gently.
• Carefully apply the hair transplant special shampoo by hand to the hair implanted area in a gentle manner as in the video above.
• Rub the donor area and clean it well.
• Wash the shampoo gently and thoroughly, ensure there is no residue.

After washing

After finishing the hair wash or shower, the treated areas is gently dried by applying tissues to absorb the water.

Do not use a towel or a hair dryer to dry your hair and wait for it to dry naturally, rather than risk of harming the cultivated bulbs.

Notes and tips post op

  • This should be done for 12 consecutive days after hair transplantation in Turkey.
  • On the 12th day of the washing the scabs after hair transplant will appear in the cultivation areas and are removed by gentle rubbing during washing one direction from the back to the front.
  • After the completion of hair wash after hair transplant , after 12 days, return to the washing method as usual before planting and without any fear.
  • It is preferable to use a shampoo that does not contain chemicals that are likely to harm implanted hair follicles (you can use a baby shampoo or any organic shampoo will be the best shampoo to use after hair transplant).
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