Work Time

Hospital can receive a large number of patients during the day and working continuous and long hours.

Continuous sterilization

All appliances and equipment used in the hospital are subject to sterilization and periodic inspection by specialists. Also subject to the supervision and conditions of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Professional Doctors

Halicioglu Hospital contain a group of qualified doctors and highly experienced in their respective fields.

Services provided by the hospital to the patients

The hospital provides many of services for patients such as accommodation services transportation and a lot of many other services.

Best Specialization

The Hospital contain elite the most important terms of reference for various medical and cosmetic surgeries.

Constant Contact

A specialized team to communicate with the patient and answer their questions throughout the day 24 hours.

Advanced Equipment

The hospital has the latest devices used in several specializes

Healthy Ambience

Hospital rooms sterile and healthy, to ensure healthy ambience, for patients with theire different needs.

Important Information

Hospital gives important and valuable information to the patients, to be followed in order to avoid side effects that may happend.

High Quality

High level quality of the used medical equipment and pharmaceuticals in all specializes.